Code of Practice

Green Business Audit & Training’s Code of Practice outlines our commitment to delivering quality education and training services to our learners, clients and stakeholders. Green Business Audit & Training (GBAT) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO #40352) under the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). We would like to welcome and congratulate you for choosing us for your training needs.

1. Purpose

This Code of Practice has been developed by GBAT to provide our customers information about our services and our commitment to our students to deliver sound, ethical, quality services in accordance with the Australian Vocational Quality Framework (VQF), and maintenance of high standards in the provision of our training service.

You will receive high standard of service provision in our training delivery, which will all be discussed with you at your one-on-one induction session with one of our qualified trainers.

2. Our commitment to you

GBAT is focused on meeting the needs of each person and business we work with and ensures the rights of clients as consumers are protected through:

2.1          The provision of sufficient, relevant, accurate and clear information relating to our training services as documented through our Student Handbook prior to enrolment.

2.2          Our Documentation, which include the rights and responsibilities of participants, costs of education and assessment services and issuance of Qualifications, payment arrangements, complaints and appeals, refund conditions and any other matters that place obligations on participants or clients.

2.3          All our marketing and advertising to prospective clients is ethical, accurate and applied in a consistent manner.

2.4          Our clients will be informed before their enrolment, at the pre-enrolment interview, of all the fees, costs and charges they will incur throughout their course.

2.5          Our refund policies are fair, documented and provided to each client prior to enrolment.

2.6          Having systems in place to ensure that if we can’t fulfil our training
obligations to you, you will receive a refund according to our policy or be assisted to
enrol in suitable training services with another RTO.

2.7          Ensuring that all your academic, financial and other records are maintained by us and are complete and accurate. These records are managed to maintain confidentiality and will not be give away to third parties unless authorised by you or under law.

2.8          You may view your own records to confirm their accuracy and completeness.

3. Access and Equity

GBAT adheres to the principals of access and equity, meets its legal obligations and maximizes outcomes for each client through the provision of individualized pre-enrolment and enrolment processes.

3.1         We comply with all Commonwealth and State Legislation related to how we operate as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

3.2         We are committed to ensuring there are no unlawful discrimination practices within GBAT perpetrated by learners, staff or host employers.

3.3         We provide adequate protection for our students to protect their health, safety and welfare and ensure as far as possible that learning experiences are positive and free of discrimination or harassment.

3.4         Our policies and procedures ensure that you are treated fairly and receive all reasonable assistance to successfully complete your course once accepted for enrolment.

3.5         We deal fairly and constructively with your concerns and complaints about our services.

3.6         We support individual learning needs where practicable through targeted support services including flexible assessment practices, LLN support and one-on-one trainer support.
3.7         You have access to your personal information at all times.
3.8          You will be informed of your rights, responsibilities and obligations prior to enrolment.

4. RTO’s Operations

GBAT engages industry and employers in the development and monitoring of all nationally accredited programs we deliver.  We regularly engage with employers to ensure the skill and knowledge level a graduate of ours are aligned to industry expectations and needs through feedback mechanism.

GBAT Trainers are industry current practitioners and engage in continuous professional development activities within the VET, industry and training and assessment sectors. This ensures that our graduates hold the required skills and knowledge to the standard of performance required in the workplace.

4.1         Our training and assessment strategies are developed in consultation with the industry to ensure that they are relevant to the industrial needs. Where your training or assessment occurs in a workplace, evidence of your performance will contribute to our assessments.

4.2          Our teaching and assessment staff continuously engage and work in the industry to ensure their knowledge and skills reflect current industrial practice.

4.3         All staff attend professional development seminars and workshops to
ensure that we remain up-to-date with regulations, legislative and industry

5. Training and Assessment

GBAT assures the quality of training and assessment provided across all of its operations as an RTO as it continuously improves its services on offer by:

5.1         Monitoring our client satisfaction level with our services provided through robust and systematic feedback mechanisms at all stages of the program, sourced from all stakeholders.

5.2         The collection and meaningful analysis of data and information by conducting evaluation surveys during and on completion of courses and gathering feedback from our trainers, assessors, employers and enterprises and learners.

5.3         gathering feedback from industry and other stakeholders including students and employers

5.4         Conducting internal and external audit results, recording any concerns, complaints or assessment appeals and their resolution, professional development activities.

GBAT is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that is authorised under legislation to offer nationally recognised training. We ensure that at all times our operations comply with relevant legislation and the national registration standards.

6. Recognition of Prior Learning

We assess our student’s current skills and knowledge prior to the commencement of training. GBAT ensures individual learner needs are identified prior to and at the point of enrolment to allow individualized support services/training plans to be developed when required and as far as practicable.

6.1         We make sufficient, clear, concise and accurate information readily available pre-enrolment to allow individual learners to decide whether the program and the methods we use to deliver this program will meet individual needs.  Once engaged, we regularly review learner progress to ensure the methods in which we engage are meeting individual learner needs

6.2          We recognise that you may hold skills and knowledge that are relevant to your course outcomes. We will assist you to gain recognition for these skills and knowledge through a process called Recognition of Prior Learning, in accordance with our RPL policy.

6.3          If you have completed relevant units of competency with another RTO we will automatically credit these towards completion of your qualification at no charge

6.4          We adopt the principles of Adult Learning and offer learning and assessment services that as far as practicable meet your and legislative requirements.

6.5          We can tailor your training program to meet your needs and will offer you a range of learning and assessment resources.